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Integrity First Bank, N.a. Routing Numbers

Routing NumberBank NameAddressTelephone No.
082901033 INTEGRITY FIRST BANK, N.A. 502 S. HICKORY STREET, ARKANSAS, AR 72653 870-425-2101

What is Integrity First Bank, N.a. Routing Number?

In the United States, a Integrity First Bank, N.a. routing number (also called routing transit number) is a nine-digit code that identifies financial institutions. It is mainly used to facilitate the transfer of money between financial institutions through systems such as ACH, Fedwire, check etc. Integrity First Bank, N.a. Routing number can be found on the bottom of a Integrity First Bank, N.a. check.

When you'll need a Integrity First Bank, N.a. routing number?

Each financial institution can theoretically apply for up to 5 routing numbers according to policy. However, in reality, many institutions have more than 100 routing numbers due to mergers or acquisitions. The banks or credit unions that have multiple routing numbers may use different routing numbers for different purposes.

For example, some routing numbers are dedicated for use with Fedwire only, and cannot be used for ACH transfers. Some financial institutions may also assign routing numbers for specific regions or specific types of accounts, such as a business account. Also, sometimes a routing number can be used only for the old accounts of an acquired or merged bank.

Ways to find your Integrity First Bank, N.a. routing number online

Here are several ways available to you to find your ABA routing number:

For your bank to process the payment quickly and securely, you should always check routing numbers with your bank or your recipient.

Routing Number Format

The routing number always can have two mode. The first one is fraction form and the second one is magnetic ink character recognition (MICR)form. The important thing is, contain the same information them.

Let's see, "XXXX YYYY C" MICR routing number

In the 4 digit Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the first two digitscan only be 00 - 12, 21 - 32, 61 - 72, or 80. 01 through 12 are the"normal" routing numbers and match to the 12 Federal Reserve Banks.For example, 073000338 is the routing number for Federal Reserve Bankincoming wires in New York, with the initial "07" showing the FederalReserve Bank of Chicago.Within these ranges, 21 - 32 are assigned tothrift institutions for only, such as credit unions and savings banks.

61 - 72 are numbers something special for non-bank payment processes. That is clearinghouses and is termed Electronic Transaction Identifiers (ETIs). 80 is used for traveler's checks.

Primary (01-12)Thrift (+20)Electronic (+60)Federal Reserve Bank
022262New York
082868St. Louis
103070Kansas City
123272San Francisco

International Money Transfers

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